Training Program Objectives

Program Objectives

The overarching goal of the NSERC CREATE in M3 is to train students with the translational breadth and interdisciplinary depth required for success in the high value sectors associated with M3. These "T-shaped" graduates will gain breadth from industry experience plus courses in entrepreneurship, leadership, communication; and gain depth from advanced research and their core curriculum.


The NSERC CREATE in M3 will provide a streamlined training environment for the advancement of knowledge and its translation:

  1. Core knowledge in: (a) M3; (b) leadership; (c) communication; (d) entrepreneurship
  2. Advanced Research in: (a) cell manufacturing; (b) biomaterials design; (c) tissue mimetics
  3. Industry experience in: (a) product development; (b) intellectual property: (c) regulatory affairs

The research objectives are to advance knowledge and its commercialization in our core areas of expertise: Cell Manufacturing, Biomaterials, Tissue Mimetics.

We anticipate that through this unique training program, students will be better equipped for success in industry by:

  • Working on research projects relevant to industry needs
  • Attaining core competency skills in leadership and communication
  • Gaining real-world experience.

This will provide students with the skills and experience they need to succeed and our industry colleagues with bright-savvy graduates.


1. Every student will take core courses in M3, leadership, and communications, thereby attaining both hard and soft skills.

  1. All students must fulfill the regular course requirements of their home department.
  1. All students must take
  1. Communications course
  2. Leadership or Entrepreneurship course
  3. Soft skills workshop
  1. Optional soft skills courses include:
  1. A course from the Institute for Leadership Education in Education (iLead)
  2. Workshops offered by MITACs and the School of Graduate Studies at the University of Toronto
  3. Personal counselling by the STEM Consultants - a unique opportunity to M3 students for one-on-one guidance on professional communications

2. All students will participate in advanced research in the laboratories of PIs, whose expertise encompasses cell manufacturing, biomaterials, and tissue mimetics. In order to have a vibrant career in natural sciences and engineering, our trainees must gain a deep understanding of their field as demonstrated with peer-reviewed publications and international presentations. Our trainees will publish, present and patent innovative ideas, thereby creating tangible assets for knowledge translation.

3. Students will participate in industry internships. All students will be required to spend 4-6 months in an industry internship where they will have the opportunity to work on product development, intellectual property or regulatory affairs. The internships will provide students with a "real-world" experience and industry members with access to highly qualified personnel (HQP). M3 will help students find placements in industry, usually near the end of their masters or PhD training.

All Master's and PhD students will be eligible for up to $15,000/year for 2 years towards their stipend. All students who take our core courses will be eligible to apply for an NSERC CREATE M3 scholarship in year 1. Every student who completes an industry internship is eligible for a second M3 scholarship year.


Applicants for the NSERC CREATE: M3 scholarship must:

  • Be graduate students, either in the PhD or Master's program, working on a research-based thesis under the supervision of one of our PIs.
  • Take the soft skills course in year 1 of the scholarship.
  • Participate in an industry internship in year 2 of the scholarship

Students can receive up to 2 years of scholarship funding. These two years do not have to be sequential. We expect that student stipends will be adjusted to meet the norms of their home departments.