All Master's and PhD students will be eligible for up to $15,000/year for 2 years towards their stipend. All students who take our core courses will be eligible to apply for an NSERC CREATE M3 scholarship in year 1. Every student who completes an industry internship is eligible for a second M3 scholarship year.


Applicants for the NSERC CREATE: M3 scholarship must:

  • Be graduate students, either in the PhD or Master's program, working on a research-based thesis under the supervision of one of our PIs.
  • Take the soft skills course in year 1 of the scholarship.
  • Participate in an industry internship in year 2 of the scholarship

Students can receive up to 2 years of scholarship funding. These two years do not have to be sequential. We expect that student stipends will be adjusted to meet the norms of their home departments.