Professional skills are complementary to disciplinary knowledge and will enhance the graduate's ability to successfully transition into a career in industry. The M3 program will provide professional skills development in the areas of communication, entrepreneurship and leadership.

  1. Trainees in the M3 program will take a one-term communications course. For example, Debby Repka offers a course on the fundamentals of grammar and style, for s scientific writing. The goal of the course is to teach trainees how to extract key insights from laboratory results while integrating them with a complex web of ideas from the literature and then expounding them clearly. Each trainee will have the opportunity to make three oral presentations with feedback from their peers and their instructor with individual critiques from an acting coach to refine their delivery. Debby Repka, Department of Chemical Engineering & Applied Chemistry, University of Toronto, has 20+ years experience working with engineering trainees to transform their communication skills. Students can replace this course with an equivalent communication course such as the School of Graduate Studies' Communication and Interpersonal Skills Offerings.
  2. MaRS Discovery District (MaRS DD) created the Entrepreneurship 101 Event Series to provide essential information for emerging entrepreneurs. Trainees in the M3 program will be required to take 10 of the available 20 sessions to allow for flexibility tailored to their interests. These sessions are available in-person at MaRS DD in Toronto or online and are available to trainees at all institutions. A sampling of these sessions includes marketing for tech start-ups, product development, market research and analysis, intellectual property and how to make a pitch.
  3. Soft skills workshop: All M3 students are required to participate in a 2-day soft skills workshop where, via lecture-style, the focus is placed on project management tools and budgeting. You will also look into work breakdown structures and personnel management. The workshop also provides you with interactive/hands on exercises.

Optional Courses

  1. The Institute for Leadership Education in Engineering (ILead) at the University of Toronto believes that the world need technologically savvy people who can create a vision for a better future and who can inspire and motivate others to action. ILead offers seminars and three graduate level courses: (i) Cognitive and Psychological Foundations of Effective Leadership; (ii) Concepts and Applications of Authentic Leadership; and (iii) Leadership and Leading Groups in Organizations. Trainees of the M3 program will participate in one of these classes.
  2. To allow for fine-tuning of key professional skills, M3 trainees will have access to a variety of half- and full-day seminars in a wide variety of skill areas such as conflict resolution, project management, business conduct excellence, and proactive communications. This will be available through the School of Graduate Studies, Professional Skills Program for trainees located at the University of Toronto. MITACS' seminars and workshops will be available to trainees at all institutions.
  3. In order for trainees to gain the personal and professional development to get the most out of their internship experience, they will all have access to counseling support through the Graduate Enterprise Internship Program (GEI) at the University of Toronto. This highly successful program provides a unique approach that goes beyond the typical "boot-camp" approach. Trainees attend introductory group sessions to learn the basic concepts and then attend counseling sessions based on the amount of counseling required to allow for a successful transition into the workplace. Trainees at all institutions will have access to this program.